David Schloen


Ph. D., Harvard University
B. Sc., University of Toronto

David is on the faculty of the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute and Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. After specializing in math and computer science in college he worked as a programmer for a few years before switching gears and embarking on an academic career in ancient Near Eastern studies.

He was quickly brought back to issues of data management, however, when faced with the bewildering diversity of heterogeneous information produced and consumed by archaeologists and textual scholars. In graduate school, he and his wife Sandy came up with the idea for what has become the flexible, multi-purpose, item-based OCHRE ontology. In their student days they created the first database system that implemented this ontology and over the years they have continued to refine both the ontology and the software to meet the challenges of scholarly data management and analysis.

If you have ever wondered what digital humanities, recursive hierarchies, and Ricoeurian hermeneutics have in common, contact David.