Miller Prosser

Research Database Specialist

Ph. D., University of Chicago
B. A., Wheaton College

Belying his interest in dead languages, ancient economies, and other remnants of the past, Miller is often caught playing with today's high-tech gadgets. Animated by the opportunities presented by modern technologies, Miller applies his scholarly perspective, plus his technological savvy, to the task of making OCHRE vital to the process of capturing, managing, and analyzing historical, philological, and linguistic data from the past to meet current research goals.

Miller earned his Ph.D. at the University of Chicago, moving from a broad background in biblical studies and ancient languages to a specialization in Northwest Semitic philology. He is well acquainted with the details and complexities inherent in the data derived from the study of the ancient world. Also a keen photographer, Miller is our resident imaging expert, adept at bringing to life low-relief incisions and long-faded ink inscriptions on ancient clay tablets using BetterLight scanning and RTI (reflectance transformation imaging) techniques.

In search of new subjects to enhance his personal portfolio of flora, fauna, and other life forms, Miller and his wife Lee enjoy traveling to exotic beaches and soaking up the sun and surf. But don't be fooled by his relaxed and friendly manner. A pugilist by night, he's as likely to snap your mug in a flash with a stiff jab as he is to snap your mugshot!

To discuss vowel lengths, focal lengths, or to talk at length about OCHRE, contact Miller.