Sandra Schloen

Manager, OCHRE Data Service
Research Database Specialist

Ed. M., Harvard University
B. Sc., University of Toronto

Sandy is the developer of the Online Cultural and Historical Research Environment and brings to the OCHRE team a solid background in information technology. Beginning at the University of Toronto on now outdated keypunch machines and then passing through the creative corners of the MIT Media Lab into the technology centers of corporate America, she has had a long and varied career in the computer industry.

Sandy thrives on the challenges presented by the complexity of cultural and scholarly information in all of its forms. Working with OCHRE serves as a worthy outlet for her formal training in data modeling and database design while simultaneously satisfying her data addiction. To keep up with the furious pace of the technology revolution, she works diligently to ensure that OCHRE continues to serve the day-to-day needs of our clients.

When not furrowing her brow at the computer screen, wondering why there is still so much new to be learned after so many years in the industry, Sandy enjoys accompanying her archaeologist husband on adventures in the Middle East, keeping up with the activities of three college-aged children, and indulging her Canadian roots as a left-winger for the University of Chicago Maroons Women's hockey team. Whether cross-checking spreadsheet data or defending against opportunistic attackers, Sandy gets the job done.

For this 'n that, hockey stats, or just to chat, contact Sandy.