Online Cultural and Historical Research Environment (OCHRE)

OCHRE is an innovative, integrative approach to cultural, scientific, and historical information management.

OCHRE is ... a comprehensive database system
OCHRE is an Internet-based database management system that can be run from a link on a web browser on any device that supports Java. The front-end application provides tools for entering and managing data of all forms, and is backed by a high-performance XML database system hosted at the Digital Library Development Center (DLDC) at the University of Chicago. All of the data associated with a research project can be integrated within this comprehensive and secure, yet highly accessible, environment.

OCHRE is ... a collaborative research environment
Created by scholars for scholars, OCHRE is particularly well-suited for collaborative projects. Geographically dispersed colleagues are given appropriate levels of access to shared project data. Inherent in the data model is support for features important for research including: attribution of specific content to the contributing scholar; allowance for distinct interpretations of single items by different scholars; allowance for degrees of uncertainty of analysis; and multi-lingual and internationalization features, to name a few.

OCHRE is … a customizable framework for organizing data
OCHRE does not prescribe any particular descriptive framework; in this sense it can be thought of as generic. Researchers can adapt, borrow, customize, or invent an appropriate scheme for representing their data in familiar ways. No longer does a project need an "IT guy" to build tables, add fields, or to tinker with other data structures. Using OCHRE, the scholar—without programming, and even with limited technical expertise—can define a self-describing framework for organizing project data.

OCHRE is … a creative approach to data management
OCHRE is unique and different, but for good reason. The OCHRE data model is specially designed to capture scholarly research data — content that does not always fit easily into off-the-shelf programs originally designed for business applications. OCHRE was also designed to support users of all kinds, from detail-oriented scholars to casual, interested viewers, and thus it presents many (inter)faces to its intended audience. OCHRE is unique; this is a feature, not a bug. Embrace the difference, and open your data to new possibilities!